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Kickbike scooters

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For Sport, Fitness, Commuting and Fun. Adults & Children's Kickbikes

Kickbikes offer the best option for commuting, sport and fun for all ages - young and old. What's your style?

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The Benefits of Kickbiking


Exceptionally low cost of ownership and long life. Little or no maintenance. There's no chains, no gears, almost nothing to break and repair.

Great as a workout! Stretches the hamstrings, strengthens the quadriceps and calf muscles and firms the thighs and buttocks.

Walking Pace sedate use (5km/hour); Gentle Workout (5-15km/hour); Sports Exercise (20-30km/hour); and Downhill Racing (40-100+km/hour).

Safe in use and benefiting from the low riding position. Kickbike is very stable at high speeds because of the steering geometry and big front wheel.

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