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All you need to know

The fun, exercise and transportation utility of the Kickbike makes it a remarkable product.


Its simplicity of use, design and features make it ideal for all age groups- including older adults for whom the benefits of the easy exercise regime offered by the Kickbike is so attractive.


For the Kickbike owner, cost of ownership is low. The Kickbike has no chain, gears or pedals – which means it is easy and natural to use. The low complexity, minimal mechanics and ease of use means Kickbikes offer a long term lifespan.

So who uses a Kickbike? In London and elsewhere in Britain, users of the Kickbike ranges from children to adults , including those of advanced age. It is used for sport and fitness, for commuting and for fun. It has been used to aid recovery from illness and injury taking advantage of it's low position, stability and ease of use - even for the first-timer!



Video showing the dynamics coming into play when using a Kickbike.


The use and application of the Kickbike is varied.


It can be used for group or individual exercise in schools, clubs and recreation facilities


Kickbike for fitness!

Owning a Kickbike offers great fitness benefits - whether you are a 6 year old, 36 or 66!


Use it the way you prefer. For just getting about or for sport. Or a combination of both. Whatever way you use a Kickbike, your heath and fitness level will benefit.


It's your choice - a sedate ride or something more energetic. With regular workouts you can expect to stretch the hamstrings, strengthen the quadriceps and calf muscles and trim down and firm up the thighs and buttocks. By adopting the proper kicking technique – lifting the knee in front, you will also strengthen your diagonal lower abdominals and lower back.


The standing leg does a surprising amount of work during the kick cycle and is the leg in which fatigue is first felt. The muscle work is mostly felt in the quads, but almost all groups of lower leg muscles are used. The kicking leg goes through an extended movement cycle where the muscles used and forces developed are very similar to running without the impact damage.


So hamstrings, calves and glutes are the main muscles employed.On the leg uplift prior to starting the movement cycle, the abdominals come into play as the biceps/triceps begin to counteract the forwards-backwards body movement generated by the kick.Maximum efficiency of motion is gained by minimising up and down movement.

How fast is it?

The Kickbike Scooter - versatile for all uses

Walking Pace sedate use: up to 5km/hour.


Gentle Workout: 5-15km/hour


Sports Exercise: 20-30km/hour


Downhill Racing: 40-100+km/hour




Just use it!

Almost like a bicycle. You use your body just a bit more and you lean to the direction you want to go .



Very stable at high speeds because of the steering geometry and big front wheel.



Use both legs! You kick only 3-4 times on one foot and then you change the kicking foot. A good Kickbiker can do a hop switch (small jump).



The big front wheel makes riding well controlled, easier and safer.



The small rear wheel enables the narrow ultra slim design gives maximum room and freedom to the kicking foot.




Fitness and fun

In several cities around the World, Kickbikes are used by local sightseeing and tour companies - as an eco-friendly way to see the sights and enjoy the environment.


Whatever way it is used, the Kickbike is fun, safe and versatile. For the school run in London, some parents 'share' the Kickbike with their child - with the child enjoying the ride sharing the platform, whilst the parent does all the work!


Many children introduced to the Kickbike in this way demand their own - and the Kickbike offers the ideal present for a birthday or Christmas.


It is also the perfect gift for adults - whether it's an anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion. There's nothing like the gift of fitness and fun!



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