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For Commuting, Leisure, Sport, Fitness and Fun.


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Kickbike eCruise

£1,140.00 incl. Delivery

Available in Gloss Black

Our First Battery Powered scooter

Kickbike eCruise MAX

Lightweight Ultimate City Kickbike - for Commuting, Sport, Leisure and for Fitness



Buy Now - £1,140.00 incl. Delivery



e-Cruise MAX20


Delivery: One week (7 days) from payment date.


During busy periods (including lead up to Christmas) delivery may take up to two weeks (14 days).


We will confirm your delivery schedule by email after order and will provide you with a courier tracking number.


Please provide a contact number with your order.This is for the benefit of the courier.

Master Fitness on the Kickbike


Intuitive and fun - unlike cycling, no stabilisers required and even at first use it's as simple as a 'step and go'.

"My Cruise Max 20 is one of the best health investments that I made after having a stroke. It has given me something exciting to look forward to regain my health and exercise routine.

I love using it in the park and the great thing is that I can go at my own pace and build up speed!


Kickbikes are great for building up confidence.


Mike was above and beyond helpful in assembling my Kickbike as I would not have been able to do it on my own.


I'm watching out for a fold up version. This would make going out much easier!


Fantastic! Thank you! Sharon (Battersea, London)