Who we are




Hannu Vierikko built the first Kickbike a quarter of a century ago in 1991, but established Kickbike Worldwide ltd. in 1994. It goes without saying that Kickbike was a breakthrough. Hannu really saw the potential in scooters at a time when it was hardly ever considered. Now, 25 years later we see how far the Kickbike community has come. Born in Finland, Hannu worked as a promoter of sport, an innovator and downright fanatical kick-athlete since the mid 1980’s.


The Kickbike company HQ is based in Finland, however the growing distribution network is extremely extensive throughout Europe. 


Alpo Kuusisto, the former co-owner of the Kickbike company and probably the best distance Kickbiker of all time, once said that ‘Kicking is an honest activity. You get out what you put in. People who ride scooters are honest to themselves. There is no cheating. You need to have the heart for kicking’.

The Kickbike company has been around since 1994, designing and manufacturing the world's best scooters. We therefore have plenty of years of experience understanding what best suits your needs. Our selection includes specific models that are practical on city roads or cross-country paths. We even have dog sport specific models! We know the importance of good ergonomy, rolling and easy maintenance components, and therefore build these qualities into our timeless design frame.

Newest on the line are fat wheeled FAT MAX, foldable CliX and Mushing race star Cross 29'er.