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KICKBIKE- the best type of bike for your fitness.

16th October 2020

Globally, we have never before felt more of a need to venture out into the open air and improve our own fitness. We have all just come out of a lengthy lockdown and are desperate to regain our physical health - perhaps even looking to lose that extra weight gained by your spouses sudden new found love of baking. Scooters have consequently become increasingly more popular due to their practicality, key health benefits and as some would even say... addictiveness!

Here, at London Kickbike Scooter Company, we passionately believe that Kickbikes are without a doubt one of the best types of scooters going. Why do we think this? Well, here are 4 simple reasons:


Kickbike is perfect for developing your cardiovascular fitness and can simultaneously help you improve your running, cycling and tri-times. If you decide to use a Kickbike for a simple sports exercise you can go at around 20 – 30 km/h. However, you can reach an impressive speed of 40km/h if you really kick and can even reach 120km/h if you are going downhill! (Fun fact: You're not on a regular bicycle – this means that you are legally allowed to use the footpath). There are no limits when it comes to a Kickbike! 


Now, one of the many great things about riding a Kickbike is that your weight tends to be on the resting leg, which therefore makes it a low impact workout! This essentially helps reduce pressure on your joints and will minimize the common impact injuries associated with running. Kickbike is the perfect solution for those with knee replacements! The other day, we actually sold one of our kickbikes to an inspiring man with knee replacements in BOTH legs… 


Due to Kickbikes unique frame, you can maintain a more functional posture which is great for your core and spinal stability. Your body alignment whilst on a Kickbike is significantly more comfortable and natural. On a bicycle you usually maintain sustained lumbar, hip flexion and cervical extension positioning, which often leads to back and neck discomfort.


With regular workouts you can expect to stretch the hamstring, strengthen the quadriceps and calf muscles, and firm up the thighs and buttocks. By adopting the proper kicking technique – lifting the knee in front, you will also strengthen your diagonal lower abdominals and lower back. Almost anyone of any age or level of fitness can benefit from the gradual exercise gained by riding a Kickbike. It is extremely suitable for competitive athletes who use a range of training methods in addition to working on their chosen sports. It's even ideal for those elderly people who need to do gradual warm ups in order to get their muscles going.


Kickbike may be an unusual bike that draws attention. But it is unique for a reason, it allows you to develop yourself and your health in the right way.

We have a wide range of models available on our website. If you would like any help choosing your ideal Kickbike please do get in touch via the contact form, or email us on

Sonia, London Kickbike