"The School run is so much quicker"


I have been using the kickbike almost every day since I got it and I absolutely love it. The school run is so much quicker.


Mina from London

(purchased City G4 Pearl White)


"One of my best health investments"


"My Cruise Max 20 is one of the best health investments that I made after having a stroke. It has given me something exciting to look forward to regain my health and exercise routine.


I love using it in the park and the great thing is that I can go at my own pace and build up speed!


Kickbikes are great for building up confidence.


Mike was above and beyond helpful in assembling my Kickbike as I would not have been able to do it on my own.


I'm watching out for a fold up version. This would make going out much easier!

Fantastic! Thank you!


Sharon from London (purchased a Cruise MAX & a few months later, also purchased a CliX)



"I look forward to seeing what it can do!


I was happy with the support and response time. I have put the kickbike together, pretty straightforward - it seems like an excellent piece of engineering. I look forward to seeing what it can do!

Richard from Glouceste (purchased Fat MAX)

"Very Happy! Thank you for your prompt service"


Kickbike has arrived. All seems good.

I shall take it out for a good ride tomorrow as I’ve only been around the block.


Julie from Birmingham (purchased Sport G4 Black)


 "I absolutely love

    my Kickbike"

I just wanted to send you an email to say how impressed I am with the service I’ve had from yourselves! 

It’s not often you get a company who really looks after their customers and deliver sound good quality products.


I absolutely love my Kickbike.

Ben from Poole                           (purchased Freeride Black)

"Amazing work, good job!"



Speedy delivery! Very impressed:)

Thank you so much.

I already have a Kickbike 29er.   Love the product.

Happy scootering.

San from Wales

(purchased Cross MAX HD Racing Green)


"Brilliant Service!"

Thank you! Yes we love the bike =)

Brilliant Service!

Sarah from Dublin (purchased City G4 Black)


"This bike is the best thing I’ve EVER bought"


This bike is the best thing I’ve EVER bought – we’ve been having good weather so I’m out every day at 5am before I start work – it’s amazing you know, but when I get back – it doesn’t matter how full of aches and pains I was before I set out – I feel great – really loose and not an ache in sight.

It really works for me – I would highly recommend a kickbike to anyone in my situation. My doctor thought it was a great idea – he was really positive and I’m due to see a consultant soon. I’m going to tell him the same and suggest that he might want to use it as an option for other patients. I’m hoping to up the distance this weekend & start going offroad to some beautiful lochans nearby here – that will be a test and a half as it’s all uphill!!! 


Sue from Scotland (purchased a Cross MAX HD Silver)

"Looks and feels the part"


Brilliant service thank you. Very pleased! 

It looks the part and feels the part and boy is it fast or what?!


Jo from Kent (purchased Freeride Black)



"My first trip out on my KickBike was an absolute blast"

 Thank you so much for your very helpful emails. My first trip out on my KickBike was an absolute blast and I have some very intrigued colleagues. There may even be a new customer heading in your direction, she absolutely loves the style and concept of a KickBike and she swore she would get one after Christmas.

It is definitely going to take some getting used to, it is a lot harder work than I expected so my legs are not happy with me at all.

I am so happy with it, I cannot thank you enough.

Indi from Swindon (purchased City G4 Black)

"Very pleased with the Kickbike"

Very pleased with the Kickbike and just waiting for an improvement in the weather before giving it a trial run.


Louise from Birmingham

(purchased Kickbike CliX)


"I am 76 years young. I can now tick Kickbiking off my 'Bucket List"

As expected I received the Kickbike yesterday and put it together last evening.

I went for a spin this morning and I am VERY pleased with it.

7 miles, some steep hills with a total 700ft elevation gain in 1:05 hr

It goes like the wind downhill, Max speed 26mph, with brakes on!

It requires more physical effort than walking, I still walk up steep hills.

I found that I took to it very easily but I need more practice changing legs, especially the jump change. A different set of muscles are put to use, especially the arms. I will have to work on my technique.

By the way, I am 76 years young. I can now tick Kickbiking off my 'Bucket List'. They show oldies can still have fun :-)

'Growing Old is Mandatory - Growing Up is Optional.'

Ray from Wales (purchased a Race MAX20)

"Arrived very well packed, very slim and light package"


The bike arrived in the morning, very well packed, very slim & light package too. One of our

lads put it together for me in no time. Surprised at how smooth it is. I'm delighted!

Very smart, I'm hoping to set a trend in the area.

Thank you from a very satisfied customer.


Joanne from Birmingham (purchased City G4 Pearl White)


"Very stylish"


"My bike has arrived and I had a quick run earlier this afternoon. It runs beautifully and looks very stylish. I can't wait to get to work next week. Immediately as I got out of our gate I was stopped by a lady who wanted to know where I got this bike from..."


Hanna from London (purchased City G4 Black)

"Now, thanks to Mike and his Kickbike Scooter, a new chapter has begun! "

"David and I had been keen mountain bikers, hitting the trail almost every weekend.  Then due to a mountain bike accident, David underwent knee replacement surgery which resulted in excessive scar tissue.  He has been unable to bend his right leg since, even after a second replacement.

After visiting the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, we decided to treat ourselves to a fish and chip supper, and a walk around Regents Park.  The next thing we knew we were turning a corner and bumped into Mike on his Kickbike Scooter! 

Five days later Mike came to our house in Bedfordshire and left two scooters with us to try.  We had some funny looks scooting around our estate, but the greatest benefit was to see the huge smile back on David’s face.  This was a form of exercise he could do without feeling disabled, and he felt like he was back on an upright bike again (albeit without a saddle).  Now everyone was looking at him (and me) but for different reasons. 

By the middle of the week Mike was with us again delivering our new rides! 

I also decided to buy a Kickbike Scooter and I am really feeling the benefits too!  David is still faster than me (he is always complaining of a stiff neck as he is continuously looking round to find out where I am) but I’m working on it!  I’m finding muscles I had forgotten I had, and new ones too!

David & Karen from Bedford (purchased 2 Cruise MAX)

"This looks like the perfect solution"

I am getting a Kickbike Freeride for my son for Christmas. He is Autistic & has never been able to coordinate to be able to ride a bike. This looks like the perfect solution.

We live in Cambridgeshire so won't be able to try first but it doesn't matter because I'm sure he is going to love this! 

Can't wait to see his face!

Helen from Cambridgeshire (purchased Freeride Black)

"Straight forward to put together"


Kickbike arrived yesterday afternoon. It's brilliant !!! The wife had been after a kickbike for ages and it hasn't disappointed.

Straight forward to put together, 30 minutes and she was off. It wasn't long before the dogs were being walked using it.


All in all, a great success !!!


Steve from Worcestershire 

(purchased City G4 Pearl White)


"Great quality kick scooter"

Yes! Great quality kick scooter.

Great stuff!!!

Heidi from Isle of Wight (purchased City G4 Pearl White)


"Fully assembled and it's wonderful!"

Yes! Fully assembled and it's wonderful!

We went out this afternoon together as a family.

Daniel from London (purchased City G4 Pearl White)