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Kickbike CliX

£460.00 incl. Delivery - Available in White Pearl

Technical Details

Kickbike CliX

Our first folding Kickbike

Buy Now - £460.00 incl. Delivery

Please provide a contact number with your order.This is for the benefit of the courier.

Delivery: One week (7 days) from payment date.

During busy periods (including lead up to Christmas) delivery may take up to two weeks (14 days).

We will confirm your delivery schedule by email after order and will provide you with a courier tracking number.

Master Fitness on the Kickbike

Intuitive and fun - unlike cycling, no stabilisers required and even at first use it's as simple as a 'step and go'.

The bike arrived in the morning,very well packed,very slim & light package too.One of our

lads put it together for me in no time.Surprised at how smooth it is.          I'm delighted! 

Very smart, I'm hoping to set a trend in the area.

Thank you from a very satisfied customer.


Joanne, from Birmingham (purchased G4 City Pearl White)