Cross MAX 20 V

London Kickbike Company



For Commuting, Leisure, Sport, Fitness and Fun.

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Kickbike Cross MAX 20 V

Available in Matt Black only

£440 incl. Delivery

Kickbike Cross MAX 20 V

Ultimate Off-Road Kickbike - ,For Leisure and for Fitness

Buy Now - £440.00 incl. delivery

Kickbike Cross MAX V

Delivery: One week (7 days) from payment date.

During busy periods (including lead up to Christmas) delivery may take up to two weeks (14 days).

We will confirm your delivery schedule by email after order and will provide you with a courier tracking number.

Please provide a contact number with your order. This is for the benefit of the courier

Master Fitness on the Kickbike

ITHE  Kickbike for offroad. Hi-end suspension fork. The V  version has standard bike brakes

"My bike has arrived and I had a quick run earlier this afternoon. It's runs beautifully and looks very stylish. I can't wait to get to work next week. Immediately as I got out of our gate I was stopped by a lady who wanted to know where I got this bike from..." Hanna from London, purchased Black City G4