Race MAX 20

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For Commuting, Leisure, Sport, Fitness and Fun.

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Kickbike Race MAX 20

£465.00 incl. Delivery

Available in Brushed Alloy (Silver)   

Kickbike Race MAX 20

Lightweight. THE ultimate Kickbike - Built with speed and quality in mind.

Buy Now - £465.00 incl. Delivery

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Delivery: One week (7 days) from payment date.

During busy periods (including lead up to Christmas) delivery may take up to two weeks (14 days).

We will confirm your delivery schedule by email after order and will provide you with a courier tracking number.

Please provide a contact number with your order. This is for the benefit of the courier.

Master Fitness on the Kickbike

The ultimate hi-speed lightweight professional scooter. Has been tested and raced by elite Kickbikers and shown to be the fastest scooter in the world.

"It looks the part and feels the part and boy is it fast or what?!" Tony, Kickbiker in East Anglia.